At your ENT consultation, Olivia will go through your symptoms and history in detail.  It is helpful to bring a list of your medical problems and your medication.  Please bring your GP referral letter if you have one.

It is sometimes necessary to examine your ears under a microscope and remove wax or other debris with a small suction device.  This is a little noisy but should not be uncomfortable.  This will allow proper assessment of the ear drum.

For certain conditions, it is necessary to examine the throat with flexible nasendoscopy.  In order to make the examination simpler and more comfortable, spray may be inserted into the nose to decongest and anaesthetise it.  This can make you feel like you cannot swallow (you can!) and give you a numb, lump sensation in the throat for 20 minutes or so before it wears off completely.  It is best to avoid eating and drinking until it has done so.

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Ms Whiteside is recognised and fee-assured by all the major medical insurance companies

Bupa, PPP Healthcare, AVIVA
WPA, Standard Life, Cigna

Patients are strongly advised to contact their Insurance Company prior to their appointment to confirm their cover and to obtain a pre-authorisation number.

Please give the details of your insurance cover to my secretary, when you make your appointment (Membership or Company number, pre-authorisation code).

Ms Whiteside also sees self-pay and Embassy patients.